SRAM sucks — yup, I said it


So March has been a clusterbomb… I was “under the weather” a few weeks ago, and training logically (either easily or not at all!)… I was feeling better, had that CRCA race… I knew in my heart I shouldn’t have raced, but the sponsor really wanted me there for the first race, so I agreed. If this were one of my athletes, I NEVER would’ve allowed him/her to race, but eh we live and learn!

So, I felt strong during the race, but then that following week I was wrecked. I actually felt good on a TUE threshold workout on the TT bike, posting excellent data, but at the end I was SHATTERED, throat raw, almost bonky although I was eating and drinking throughout. I knew immediately I was in trouble…

Succinctly, I was in bad shape from then ’til now, sore throat, opaque stuff in the nose, chest congestion, all-around weakness… I JUST am feeling recovered now — lol, on MARCH 22nd — so MAR has pretty much been a wash. The good thing is my weight is down, but I haven’t really moved forward (and certainly have gone backwards a bit) on the bike. I want to be competitive in the TT Cup this year, but I’m fully prepared to take my violent thrashing at Sandy Hook, a race I’ve never done great in and this year I’m going to by far be my weakest (less training, new bike, first TT in 2 years = trouble!). But it is what it is… APR is a very important month for me, and I hope the body responds to the planned training. I look forward to getting bluntly beheaded at The Hook and using those time deficits as motivation to move ahead!

Okay, SRAM: I’m running SRAM Red on my TT bike. I’m very familiar with SRAM, have ridden test and demo mountain and road bikes with SRAM. It has its perks — it’s easier to work on, has less moving parts, some components are lighter. But NOTHING compares to Shimano. SRAM is very mechanical-feeling — certainly belongs on a mountain bike. SRAM is on my TT bike and I detest it. I am almost ready to have the guys swap my DA from my old TT bike to the new rig and just unload the SRAM — the shifting is stiff and not nearly as responsive. I’ve become a pro at adjusting derailleurs but SRAM is just finicky — I dunno…

Shimano 10-speed is the gold standard. You really need to use it to understand what I’m saying. Now that I’ve spent considerable time on SRAM, this just confirms my original statement even more. If you’re ever considering SRAM v Shimano, lay down the extra dough and go with Shimano — worth every penny.

Looking forward to an opener ride on TUE, and then starting back on WED to see how much I’ve lost!!! Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone who’s racing already…


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