Thanksgiving Torture


On Thanksgiving morning, I’ll be joining the local MTB crew up at Lake Wawayanda. It’s a fun 3+h of hammering around those technical trails (is it me, or is Wawayanda pretty damn hard?!). I’ll be out on my 1998 Schwinn Homegrown duallie. Full XTR! I am always defending this bike… It’s pretty much a museum piece — these bikes are hard to find and sell for oodles of moolah on eBay 🙂

I am meeting up with several members of Team Campmor, riding with many of the athletes I coach. It will be nice to get out with them, shoot the (*censored*)(*censored*)(*censored*)(*censored*), see what they got!!! I’m sure they’re gonna lay down the law for me, get me back for all those hellish workouts!!! The Turkey Day ride over time has ballooned to a big event, many RVCC riders coming out. Easily over 40, 50 riders blasting through those woods together… Good times…

The only problem is (1) I’m fat. (2) I’m out of shape — although I’m getting stronger. (3) I’m sub-par at best in terms of mountain-bike skills. Should make for a FUN day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…


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