The Proposition


Did a light spin this morning on the trainer, Sigur Ros humming in the background. I too enjoy trainer workouts. The time doesn’t kill me. You can put me on an assembly line and I can put the same bolt through the same piece of metal time and time again. I dunno this why this is — I’m lefty and very creative-minded — but it is.

Watched a wonderful movie this morning called The Proposition. Starring Guy Pearce, John Hurt, and a stack of talented Aussie actors, the film is a western that takes place in Australia and deals with the British colonization, the Aboriginees, and Irish immigrants. It’s a whoppingly powerful tale of redemption with stunning cinematography, savvy writing, and an ending to put your on your arse. Highly, highly recommended (in my previous life at grad school, I was a Screenwriting concentration).

That’s me. Looking to do a heavy, heavy weekend. The legs feel good. I’m acquiring new veins. 🙂

Tanita: 154.0 pounds.
Ride Time: 1h 15m
Norm Watts: 142
Distance: 21 miles

Avg. Watts: 139
Max Watts: 340
HR: 119 bpm
Cadence: 92 rpms
Speed: 16.9 mph


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