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Did a long one today. Finally got that creak on the Ghisallo. It was the front derailleur! My bike is a noodle, and the seat tube has significant flex. Mark from work cleaned the front derailleur, and today the bike was purring, the weather beautiful, the legs fresh. Arm warmers and leg warmers in mid-December. The Weather God loves us.

Schedule: Mon Tue Wed EASY, Thur LONG, Fri Sat Sun EASY.

Rode up to Harriman, climbing in bigger gears. Twisted up 106, riding through Kanauwakee, bombing down Gate Hill (only hit 52 today!!!). Hit 9W, pedaling south. Took Hook Mountain out of the saddle. Met Gisler on Piermont Road.

The dude was in tempo mode, and his tempo is FAST, so I sat on him. We climbed up to the Orchards, majestic night — perfect climb, perfect scenery, perfect weather. I sprinted hard in this truck’s draft, just a quick pop, and hit 1250w on the nose. Then we got on the WNR and did steady tempo back into Bergen. We were motoring and keeping the watts in check.

I felt good, fresh. The endurance is coming. I’ve never done this type of mileage before, and I feel like a different rider after 70, 80 miles. I have naturally good endurance, but I’ve never completed a sound winter program before, and it’s rewarding to get quality time on the bike, week in and week out.

Hope the snow stays in Maine.

I am thoroughly convinced that there is no better way to spend the day than to travel the world on your bicycle. Nope. Best way to go. Today was a good day to be me.
Ride Time: 5:44
Norm Watts: 219
Distance: 108 miles

Avg: Watts: 177
Max Watts: 1250
HR: 140 bpm
Cadence: 91 rpms
Speed: 18.6 mph
Friday is going to be beautiful. Gonna try reeeeeeeeeal hard to keep it under 2.5h. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal hard…


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