TUE 28 Nov 06


I rode to work today. I have an awesome commute. Depending how I go, it’s 19 or 22 miles one way. Either way, it’s considerably hilly, up and down until I’m practically home. On my easy days, I usually take the hills out of the saddle, easy, just putting my body weight onto the pedals. No problem.

Today I did a series of Uphill Sprints. With my backpack, it’s a little clunky, but I’m acclimating. It was a beautiful ride, upper 50s, a slight headwind. I felt good. Yesterday I did an easy 2.5 hours, and I think that helped loosen me up from the weekend. It would’ve been a mistake to take Monday off entirely.

The power was good today. I drilled it harder than last week’s sprints, and the HR data shows that. Short, 10-20s pops, 8 or 9 of them. Surprisingly, considering all the **** I’ve eaten the last week (Thanksgiving, taking my girlfriend out endlessly while she was home, lifting weights and eating more protein), my weight is down. Well, not down, but not going up. 157ish steady. That’s good for me, as I want to be a little slimmer next year (won’t be hard to do, I’m calculating). I was 155 at Fitchburg, 160 at Jamestown. So I haven’t gotten the potbelly yet… This time last year, I was upper 160s…

My overall goals for 2007 are clear: to become a stronger TTist, to be in the front group in long road races, and to actually contest sprints if need be.

I’m along the same thinking as Goldman. I am pushing it to the max, maybe beyond. I want to see where I can take this body of mine. You only get one shot. One shot. I’d rather do too much and know it than to do too little and never know. We shall see. I’m also the type of rider who performs better with miles, lots of them. The legs right now feel very good during this phase of training, and more importantly, the head is there. I am super motivated.

Hope all is well with everyone. Looks like everyone is riding. See some of you on the road soon…


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