Michael Borda

What I love most is the ability to shut out everything except the road and the bike

My Favorite Race – Michael Borda

Michael Borda took his coach’s advice on how to approach the next criterium – you are an attacking rider and you do not want to change that.

And you’re going to perform well in a field sprint anyway.

At the Zeppelin Criterium, Mike uncoiled from the gun, gone — he just had a feeling. He rode four laps solo before a few riders bridged. “I never looked back and I never slowed,” Mike said. “They had to catch me.”

The chase decimated the field. Many riders were pulled within five laps, and the race was together again.

Mike continued to stay towards the front, covering attacks just feeling the flow, feeling the zone, even attacking twice more. “I was actually away again for a few laps with 15 to go. I actually felt like I got stronger the whole race.”

In the final three laps, Mike produced the final step of successful racing and planted himself near the top-5, avoiding any late-race high-pressure issues.

The peloton roared through the last lap and Mike could feel himself leaving a tiny gap to really rail the turns. “I was second wheel through the final turn,” Mike said, “and I unleashed a long sprint.”

The finish was close. Mike threw his bars at the line and couldn’t nip his nemesis, and one other rider pipped them both.

Mike earned his first podium in road racing and a 3rd place in the field sprint.

“I railed the turns because I rode in a vacuum,” Mike said. “I blocked everything else out around me and left enough of a gap to take MY lines. I was smoother and faster through every turn than the group.”

The Zeppelin Criterium was a special day.

Michael Borda races road bikes for MAMBO Kings Racing, one of the region’s most successful Masters teams. For cyclocross, he races for TEAM Elite Endurance.

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