Hey Gang,

As we all deal with quarantine and social distancing (and the slow, inevitable onslaught of insanity), I want to include AM workout idea to help brave the apocalypse (and start day off in positive tone).

I wake up 4am every morning, take the dog out for a walk. Back home by 5am, I begin the morning with exercise routine that boosts metabolism, burns fat, keeps body strong and tight, and, with enough endorphin buzz, I am eager to sit at my desk and assault the day.

This workout is completed in 7-20min, can do 1-3 sets, however you feel however you want. The key is to create a workout that you both enjoy and can repeat with non-issue. Our short morning window is excellent time to improve health and achieve flow-state. #NotExpendable

Here are the exercises; I superset everything:

Half Burpees

Jumping Squats
Side Planks

Plank Alternating Toe Taps


Supersets allow me to get the work completed in half-the-time without compromising recovery. In short, if you are supersetting well, you are cheating πŸ™‚ #system #TrainSmart

Goal is to perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds. Throughout workout, breathe deeply and remain in aerobic state…

With supersets, perform first exercise, then short recovery. Then complete second exercise, then take full recovery. You are recovered for next superset.

Start with one full set of I-IV. As you get stronger, you’ll be able to perform 3 sets with no problem, no struggle, just flow.

If I can make one mantra: BREATHE. Stay one with your breath. As you move, continue to focus on breathing in… then breathing out, fully, slow and steady.

On a terrific morning, you can move through these and think about absolutely nothing.


HALF-BURPEES, yeah these are pleasant, that’s why we start ’em as warm-up πŸ™‚ Start in push-up position, then draw your knees under you, begin to squat up. Your hands will come off ground for a second and then you are back down to starting position, extending both feet so you are in push-up position.

DEADBUGS: lay on back, arms and legs up, Deadbug position. Extend right leg to ground, simultaneously extending left arm flat. Bring back to center; repeat with other side.

JUMPING SQUATS: assume wide squat stance, lower into squat and then explode up. Keep arms down and in front of you for balance. When you land on ground, lower into squat position again and smoothly rep these out (I have them early in set because they are most arduous).

SIDE PLANKS: lay on side, then put weight on elbow and rise up to plank position, keeping body taut and straight. Hold position. Repeat other side.

BUTTKICKERS: softly jog in place, dangle your hands behind your butt. Then bring your feet higher on upstride, grazing your fingers. Maintain rhythm for duration of set.

PLANK ALTERNATING TOE TAPS: I am humongo fan of Planks, if world did more Planks we’d be in better place πŸ™‚ On ground, assume Plank position. Keeping left leg straight, bring it up and out, placing toe on ground, then bring it back in exact same motion. You are making simple arc motion, you will feel it in your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings (this is one of my favorite exercises). Tap with left, then repeat with right.

KNEE-TAPS: jog in place again; bring your knees high during the stride, engaging lower abs and hip flexors.

COMMANDOS: these are pretty much Planks, just easier πŸ™‚ Assume Plank position, keep your back flat; then lower to your elbows, then push back up to starting position. Move at own pace, these are my favorite finishing movment…


I fuel at 10am and have dinner at 3pm, so I am performing this workout in fasted state.

In this quarantine, we’re all gonna gain weight, this is a good way to burn fat if you’re worrying about body weight.

Biggest key to this workout: BREATHE, follow your breath. If the exercises are fatiguing you, that is okay — just slow down.

But do not stop. Move through the set and continue slow, deep breathing, master this rhythm. #MasterYourBreathing

We perform at our own rate; I started doing this a few months ago and could feel both my body-strength and cardio lacking. After just a few days, I was producing far more reps for each set with same perceived effort, the body adapts and you feel great.

Move through this workout in aerobic state — do not suffer. Those who say, ‘No Pain No Gain’ — well, I am better coach than you lol so please drop that from your mindset and begin to accept smart training methods.

Where the body goes, the mind will follow. If we want health, we must get our bodies into cooperation.

Start the day off with body and mind games and give yourself this boost.

How well you get through situations… very much comes down to how you sell it to yourself. #SellitToYourself #flowstate

Stay well stay safe stay strong out there everyone.

Kenneth Lundgren

Training Article By: Kenneth Lundgren