The origins of the training system began when a successful road racer was asked by two endurance athletes to coach them – and both became champions, giving birth to Elite Endurance Training Systems, whose relentless pursuit of success has bred a staff of coaches, driving more athletes to higher levels of excellence.

Today, EIite Endurance Training Systems generates raw velocity profiles for athletes. Succinctly, if we can accumulate power data on you, we can find and predict biorhythm patterns in your personal power curve based off Elite Endurance blueprint data. We sync all parts of the engine to perform at both optimal and maximal velocity for your peak event. We do it constantly.

In less words, we hope we can match your power curve to archived data we have, enabling us to predict fitness gains, give you deeper fitness, plan a real peak of performance.

With using HR to establish training zones and intensity, well, all HR is not created equal. LT is LT, your body will always stop burning fat to burn sugar at about the same time (this bpm will decrease slightly with age, starting at around 45).

The bottom line is if you really use data analysis to progress training, HR can and will fool you. Power is power – power meters record wattage, an accurate and instant measurement. If you have an LTHR of 178, 178 is not 178 is not 178 — stress, dehydration, the heat (or cold), diet, sleep, Rest, caffeine, adrenaline, hormones, mood all wildly affect your HR response.

Working with power makes things easier – zero guesswork. We can rev you how we want, and then get 100% accurate blueprint data. We can run BioTests, find anaerobic and aerobic thresholds, we can see the shape of your power curve. We can monitor your performance and your current state in 100% accurate fashion.

Elite Endurance Training Systems creates real velocity profiles, personal numbers for you and only you – no template zones, no charts, the training system changes how you change.

When athletes we coach use power meters, they see how a successful coach actually coaches. We have 10 years of blueprint power data to study and learn from — Elite Endurance athletes succeed, and we KNOW what works. With power response, we see how you adapt to both acute and chronic training loads, we can predict how you will respond to a new biorhythm block of training stress. The system is a literal velocity profile on you.

Athletes ask us constantly if training with power is worth it — the answer is always YES. Power meters are not a fad — they have positively changed the way coaches work. In cycling, power meters are as big a breakthrough as clipless pedals, STI shifters, disc brakes, tubeless tires.

HR is a guessing game. Our guessing game is good, but we’re still guessing. For instance, HR is slow to respond – we are always left to speculate why HR is lagging. Perhaps your weekend training stress is not allowing your legs to catch up to the aerobic progression… We don’t know. HR is best-used when we have both HR and power to cross-reference through training blocks, to assess both acute and chronic training loads, to find rhythms and patterns to peak power, rate-of-fatigue, and HR response.

Successful athletes maximize every day, which means success is every day, training is precise, and power meters enable this precision. With wattage, athletes can feel their athletic dexerity and understand EXACTLY how they are pushing, we can really pinpoint weaknesses and strengths, sweet spots in training, and achieve superior bang-for-your-buck results.

There is average. There is good. There is great. There is legend. The margins are razor slim.

Training Article By: Kenneth Lundgren