With a mix of her training preference and basing goals off her power curve, Eileen is targeting a season of short-course triathlon, a few road events, and a complete season of cyclocross racing.

She noted her TT position, which is more forward and upright, helps her generate more natural power – she is far more comfortable and powerful on that bike. She noted opposite things about her road fit.

Today’s session in the lab focused on improving Eileen’s position over the cranks, getting her hips in a position on the road that best mimics her TT position, while still giving her road capabilities like accelerating and ability to produce steady power up steeper terrain.

Post-fit, she feels “balanced” over the frame and “feels naturally powerful” — the bike now accelerates better, the bike feels lighter, more agile, she is more comfy in the drops and can sprint easily from down there.

We made changes to her saddle height, saddle tilt, saddle fore-aft, completely re-fit her reach with a shorter and higher stem, and complete handlebar rotation and resetting of the hoods to allow for shifting and braking comfortably from the drops.

Life is good. Time to spin easy. Happy Friday, everyone!

Kenneth Lundgren