10/26 Wed: WEDNESDAY WORLDS CX | Holster Park, Clifton NJ

Fight Club.

Wednesday Worlds will start at 5:45pm Wednesday October 26th. Location is Holster Park in Clifton, NJ. Warm-up will be fast to maximize daylight. PLEASE BRING LIGHTS so we can ride til 7:30pm.

Coach Lundgren will be on-course by 5pm for excellent warm-up. All interested riders are welcome to join.

* * * * * * * *

10/29 Sat: HPCX, MAC Racing Series | Jamesburg, NJ

The famous Highland Park CX races! Just in time for Halloween.

Elite Endurance and Coach Kenneth Lundgren will be on-hand to support its athletes with pre-ride laps, trainers in the shade, mechanic support, race strategy, and fuel, ensuring a successful race experience.