After the NJ State Road Race Championships, DeathRow Velo‘s John Landino said, “Understand that my teammate Wild Bill set this win up by getting in the main move of nine guys on the FIRST LAP.”

Wild Bill powered out there until ten miles to go, just two riders left. John sat in the majority of the race and at the beginning of the last lap, the peloton really started to chase.

The break was coming back and John stayed at the front and blocked/chased everyone from any attempt to finish the chase. He was strong and adamant, never leaving 2nd or 3rd wheel.

John’s intention was to bury himself and keep Wild Bill out there, but the peloton was strong and with 10 miles left, Wild Bill was in trouble and getting reeled in fast.

John had lively legs and made an effort to bridge across to him to revive the break. Upon arrival, John realized the three of them were done – 65-mile break on a long, hot, fast day.

John realized he was in No Man’s Land. A rider from Pro Pedals was with him and took two pulls, and John was able to put the hammer down. He looked back and had a gap – the Pro Pedals rider was strong and John could feel speed in his legs.

“Amazingly I continued to pull away from the field on long flat roads with headwind,” John said. “Was a long, soul-crushing fifteen minutes, more pain than I can remember in recent years.”

If you don’t counter a teammate who is brought back from a break, you are insulting him.

John Landino, NJ State 45+ Road Race Champion.

In Virginia, Peter Warner of BIKE Doctor Racing Team earned similar success. The peloton was strong and racing aggressively. The course rewarded hard efforts and Pete played the cards he had. He had to mark a successful Kelly racer, an old pro, incredibly tactful and strong. Pete was reacting for the first two-thirds of the race.

In the final third of the race, after the field was whittled down to 12 riders, he attacked and splintered off the front, solo, gone.

Then, the Kelly rider and the 50+ Time Trial World Champion bridged across inside three miles.

The trio worked together to the line. The winner was here.

The Kelly rider jumped early for a long sprint.

Pete was right there but Kelly second-kicked at about 150 meters and he couldn’t match the acceleration.

“Can’t complain,” Pete said. “He’s just so smart and good. I knew it would take an unbelievable day to beat him.”

2nd in MABRA AG champs, 1st in 45+ Virginia Road Race champs!