Victor Gras has started the season with consistent form, nailing two 2nd places at Prospect Park with aggressive racing, losing to the same rider both times.

In the first race, Victor bridged up to a move, but a rider had already attacked, was up the road. Victor was able to get away from the chasers and throw down a solo pursuit, closing on the lone leader, but he ran out of laps.

In last week’s race, the race was pedestrian for seven laps, and then with two to go the attacks came flying and with one lap to go, Victor found himself in a break with two riders: his Foundation teammate, Woodruff Baum, and the race winner from last week.

Victor had a game plan, but his nemesis made it difficult, attacking on the hill and dropping Woody. Victor was able to counter just after the climb, making it a long sprint to the line, but he was passed just at the line.

“I didn’t have that extra gear,” Victor said.

Woody Baum was able to stay away and finish 3rd. Baum also recently scored 2nd at the Plainville Criterium.

Victor and Woody are both racing tomorrow up at Coxsackie, NY in the Trooper Brinkerhoff Spring Series – full reports to come.