Tonight’s stage saw heavy chance of rain. Conditions remained in upper 70s, overcast, humid — but dry.

Ramblers, let's get ramblin'.

Ramblers, let’s get ramblin’.


Stage 3 included the sprints to Clover Lane and the Mountain Lakes downhill, then had the rolling finishing section to Kinnelon HS.

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To the action:

Iwaszczuk lead out the first sprint with ferocity and Sam Findlater was able to catch him at the line.

“I went early but felt strong,” Iwaszczuk said. “Had I waited, I don’t know if I was going to win. Sam came around me at the end, we really fought it out and I was maxed.”

Coronel hustled in for third. Behind, Defalco caught up to Czernik and threw her front wheel at the line, pipping the win. Defalco earned big points for fourth.

“I knew she got me,” Czernik said. “It was a hard sprint, I did not hear her coming.”

“I was approaching her,” Defalco said, “and I hoped I could catch her before the line. I think I just got it.”

Rad riding as we cruise through Montville and Boonton to Mountain Lakes.

Rad riding as we cruise through Montville and Boonton to Mountain Lakes.

On the second section in Mountain Lakes, Lundgren lead it out into the hill and Iwaszczuk accelerated with chillling velocity, over the top, down the descent like a full freight train.

“He is going to be tough rider to beat in his section,” Lundgren said. “The king goes early, he goes strong, he carries speed over top. As you hurtle to the finish, it is hard to pass a rider at 40+ mph.”

Iwaszczuk opened huge gap, Findlater gave furious chase but was unable to dent the gap.

“He went really early,” Findlater said, “and that was that. Good sprint.”

Findlater is very strong, very even-natured, very calm — he knew war awaited in the final Kinnelon section.

The yellow jersey was able to catch Findlater, but the Scot had an Instant Plan B: Here I go, are you coming or not?

The yellow jersey was able to catch Findlater, but the Scot had an Instant Plan B: Here I go, are you coming or not?

The final section is open game, about 10min of hammering up rolling terrain, four short climbs, fast straightaways and fast sweeping turns — long straightaway into sprint finish — superior race training.

Iwaszczuk is riding with confidence. He accelerated up the first climb, dropping everyone but Findlater.

Findlater matched the acceleration on the second climb, Iwaszczuk riding all-out, out of the saddle and in the drops.

Findlater is the smaller rider, and once the yellow jersey eased up, he gunned it, earning an impressive gap, stayling low and in the drops, jackhammering.

The chase was on, nothing to talk about.

After a few long minutes, Iwaszczuk was able to claw Findlater back. Then, one harsh acceleration again and Iwaszczuk was left gasping, in the wake of the Scottish man.

Findlater came across the line in 1st, Iwaszczuk hurt from the effort, rolled across the line on the tops, already thinking how he would’ve done that again.

Coronel powered away from the group to snare 3rd. He is riding incredibly well right now, very steady, turning a higher cadence to stay aerobic all ride and then saving the muscle for when he needs it.

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Coronel will be wearing the green jersey again for Stage 5.

Behind, Czernik and Defalco were embroiled in a personal battle, neither able to shake the other. Czernik put her foot down on the final roller, gapping Defalco and hurtling across the line with Defalco right there, still chasing.

What? Gotta keep ’em honest. Two knife-fight finishes last night ‪#‎heaven‬

Tonight’s Stage 5 will include the second KOM of the Tour. Come out and get rad.

Wheels down 6:15pm, Riverdale NJ — please contact for parking and direction.

The TOUR is free and awesome and open to all riders; riders can start at any point, the points keep adding up.

Full event calendar is available on homepage.

Stage 4 Results

Stage 4 Results