Windham has been called a heavy, hard drag — the experience is just a different animal, a reason why many of the biggest races in the country take place there.

Nick Lando of Team Town Cycle had a game plan to ride with reserve and stay steady all day and he did just that. He started at the back of the U23 pack and at the bottom of the first wooded section was able to make contact with the main group, as riders were dropped in dust disintegration.

Nick rode very steady all day. He had zero issues on the bike in terms of crashes and mechanicals. His final lap was impressive and he made back time on many riders he thought he’d never see again.

Final lap, he bombed the descent clean and came home 7th, a huge top-10 result in a stacked field!

In the women’s Pro XCT race, Georgia Gould and Barbara Benko powered off the front early and then Gould left her in her tracks in chilling manner, riding away with a vicious display of power and speed.

Gould would win the arduous event by 1:18.

Gould lays down an impressive performance, dominating the women's field at Windham.

Gould lays down an impressive performance, dominating the women’s field at Windham. Pro Factory’s Laura Slavin battled hard the entire day. The heat sapped her but she was able to ride consistently hard every lap.

She placed an impressive 15th.