As a rider, I had an awesome time at the MTB Workshop last night.

My weakness on the MTB and in MTB racing is CORNERING. I have the strength to ride with the guys, and I’m strong in the rocks and good enough in the descents — but the best riders throttle every turn with superior efficiency, skill, confidence, and speed. Riders ripping corners on rails is poetry on wheels.

It all adds up and you see very quickly that successful MTBers are very skilled in the corners and maintain free, smooth, controlled speed all race long. Superior cornering is an essential skill. CCI Racing’s Ben Cci Williams really hammered into me about having to always feel smooth, fast, and efficient in the turns — he is a master at it.

Last night, for 2 hours, we worked on only cornering, progressing the ride goals as everyone felt better in the turns. Dillon, Christman, and Kristine can RAIL turns, producing quick advice and feedback all night.

I definitely railed sections of Warthog faster and smoother than ever. I focused on Race Lines and was able to hit the inside apex harder on one turn and nearly smashed into a tree — have nice and gnarly scuff marks across my knuckles.

What I love about MTBing is you can continue to learn and improve. You can ride a trail 40 times in a row and learn/see something new each and every time. Thanks to all who came out. I am looking forward to improving as a rider and leading these workshops with these talented riders every Wednesday night at the mecca of MTBing, Jungle Habitat.