11081156_10206604804022645_5502529078028096795_nYou train, and see your power go up, you are getting stronger before a goal event, your race weight is balancing out with discipline, you continue to drive yourself towards success in a specific event .

Continuing to push for personal success, continuing to build on what was previously possible, TT competition is one of the most exciting disciplines in cycling.

One of the best time trials of the year is Saturday morning… In 2014, the inaugural Allamuchy experience was a fiercely positive one — you drive to a quiet flatland nestled in the valley of these mountains, the morning mist beginning to diminish just as Start Times begin to arrive — and the course carves through this valley, surprisingly dynamic and FAST, overall an excellent test, offering perfect flow for the experienced time trialist.

Our home state boasts one of the finest race series in the country — come see what New Jersey time trialing is all about. I am excited to see our region’s top time trialists throw down in violent fashion: Chris Fritz, Steve Goldman, Richard Wolf, Lauren Dagostino, Mark Curran, Brian Norling, Paul Cresti, Chuck Crocco, Mark Cowin, Dana Fallon, Bob Jaggard, Gregg Cosgrove, Steve Petouvis, Michael Dworkin, Raquel Miller, Dave Slavinski, Jim Eichvalds, Shannon Grieb, Anthony Sambrato, Glenn Babikian, Patrick Walter, Sue Seyboldt, Ed Troianello, Fred Rica, Dave Hussey, Ken Roma, Jim Bernstein, Thomas Mains.

As an athlete, I gravitated towards time trialing. You build in training for specific goals, you never ever know how fast you can go, ever, and then on race day your preparation forces you to perform at 100% maximum velocity for this concentrated length of time, you are 100% in control of this performance, zero anything else to say. With time trials, as the years went by, you begin to worry less about competition and begin to realize you are racing against just one person, and this vision drives you to success.

Performing on race day is a severe rush, you are fully in control of your destiny, superior bang-for-your-buck with both training and racing-time investment. Racing TT bikes had a profound impact on me. Racing a TT always forces you to summon your best, and if you perform to your limits, you generate tremendous satisfaction for yourself, unlike anything else in cycling.

Good luck to all competitors on Saturday — you are the lucky ones.