I discovered I have athletes across the country on them, have had them paired with Powertaps and SRMs – the files are nearly identical. Baffling.

The old iBike models, they did not work. But, with the redesign, with these Isaac Newton gravitymeters in there, power readings are both accurate and 100% consistent.

If you can record wind resistance, and if you can finitely measure slope | elevation | grade | and if you are recording speed in MPH and cadence in RPMs, you can 100% create instant power measurement, and power is just wattage, which is velocity (leg speed) x torque (force).

With the brilliant design of Isaac software, you can also produce reliable indoor power data.

Overall, for generating accurate power data for a coach, the Newton 5 is the most consistent and reliable unit on the market.

True story. I call it only how I see it.

— Kenneth Lundgren