56 miles, 4 Laps, 4 Climbs…Ending with a climb.

The first two climbs were way too easy and we were neutralized (stopped for 5 minutes!) at Sebago Beach at the end of Lap 2.  Lap 3 was to be different.  Me and 2 other guys absolutely hammered Climb 3 – super high pace and trading big attacks all the way up.  We blew everyone out the back but about 20.  That is more like it!!  My friend said we put 3 or 4 minutes into the chasers.  Climb 4 was equally high paced and a NYVelocity guy took off halfway up – super strong move.  Stupid but stupid works sometimes.  He eventually won and deserved it. Two other NYVelocity guys were hanging in the pack so the chase sucked dead goats.

So it was about 18 guys on the final run in.  It was exactly as I had dreamed – I stayed near the front, the turn past Sebago and my mate jumped early and I got on his wheel but he died like a spring flower.  So I was on the front for 6-700 m.  No shying away – I absolutely hammered it full metal up the climb!!  I looked under my shoulder and 10-15 guys were all waiting to attack but I served them some nasty poison.  Eyewitness account:  at 300 m they were all trying to get out of the saddle for the sprint but they were f–ked/cooked.  Done!!   But I had problems of my own.  I had 2 on my rear wheel and at 200 m my friend was screaming “Shawn, NOW IS THE TIME – YOU HAVE TO GO!!!  YOU HAVE TO GO!!!”  And I tried at least 3 times to get out of the saddle but I almost could not get out the saddle.  The world was turning black and I could see that tent at the finish and I had to get there!  2 more guys went past me but everyone else was shot.  4th!!!

The guy who finished 2nd dropped a big old F-BOMB at the line and was promptly disqualified.  CRCA is fed up with ‘self expression’.  So 3rd for me!!

And now I am going to be CAT 3!!!

Thank you KEN!!  We did it!!

Post-script – the winner was David Anthony; now a confessed doper and peloton outcast.