Spakwus Challenge is an infamously difficult XC MTB 2-day race in Squamish, BC, adding another day to the already grueling Spakwus 50 one day race. Approximately 30mi and 5,000 feet of climbing on Day 1 and another 20mi and 3k on Day 2 make this an excellent event for stage-race oriented MTB athletes, like Elite Endurance’s Jeremy Stafford who had it highlighted as one of the final races of a season full of PRs and improvements.

” Day 1 50K:  All systems were go and I felt great.  Probably could have gone harder but I seem to be just now getting the killer instinct back.  Hot day near 80 degrees with plenty of humidity.  Made two stops for water drank 5 20oz. bottles and just did gels and had no issues … finishing time of 2:50 good for 7th place in 50-59 division and 46th O/A.

Day 2 35k:  Felt great on this day as well.  Same area but different trails.  Crushed the uphill but bled time in the technical downhill …  Finally earned a Canadian podium which has been a dream for awhile.  Ended up 3rd in 50-59 division with a time of 1:49, 19 miles, 3,000 ft. and 33 O/A.

For the two days combined the Spakwus Challenge.  I ended up 4th in the 50-59 division, 23rd O/A.

I am very happy with this result”

We’re happy too. #proudcoach